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Be Proactive
To be a proactive person mans to be someone who is always thinking ahead, being positive and actively looking for the goal. Being proactive will help you not have to much work in the long run, avoid disasters (financial, personal, relations) and plan for the future. Here are a few tips on being proactive.
Step. 1
First, you can take a look at tasks that you have to complete and come back all the time. What kind of jobs, work, meetings always happen regularly? Also, what comes up during these tasks? Maybe you always have to take out the trash right in the middle of your paper. Think about what kind of job or work takes you the longest to complete. Maybe math in general takes longer than a reading assignment. Or maybe a paper on the companies taxes take longer to do than figuring out how much fax paper your employees need each month.
Step. 2
Now figure out how you can find ways to do the job or work faster and better. You can write out a well thought out plan on how you will do this. Know if tasks take longer than others you should give yourself more time to complete them.
Step. 3
You should be able to prevent issues that may occur in your life. This means if the problem is forseen and able to be stopped, do so. You should have a backup plan if you know the primary may certainly in the next few weeks.
Step. 4
You need to solve problems and not worry about them. Many people make the mistake of complaining or panicking about the upcoming issues rather than finding ways to overcome them.
Step. 5
Try to anticipate a job, work or anything else that may come your way. If you are aware than the task is always given to you find ways to start on them earlier, especially if they take you longer.
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