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Good Health
There is an old saying that health is wealth. Have you ever notice the meaning of this sentence. Health is wealth because if your health is good you work properly if you work properly then you get wealth.
Good health is defined as a person having no mental and physical illness. If you are healthy then you can enjoy the happiness of life. And if you are ill you don't have interest in living.
If you want to maintain your health first you should give rest to your mind by doing so your whole body feel relax. For a healthy body you should have to take the balance and nutritious diet which is rich of protein, vitamins, carbohydrates and water.
The foods we eat today do not keep the nutrients and water we are using is not pure, air under which we are living is not good, pollution of vehicles and factories have severe effects on our life. So, not a single man living in this world is perfect and free from diseases.

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