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How to Set Goals
It is easy to set your goals, as long as you write them down, put them somewhere you can often see, like on top of your desk, beside your bed etc. What goals you set is not important; the key here is the habit of doing it. However, make sure that your goals contain these criteria below:
1. Have a specific deadline.
Every goal that you set must have a deadline. A goal without a deadline will remain dream. It is the deadline that will create the sense of urgency so that you will take more action to achieve it.
2. Set specific goal.
Your goals must be as specific as possible. If your goals are not specific, it will be hard for your mind to sink in the information. When your goals are clear and specific, you sent clear message to your mind of what you want, and your mind will do the rest.
3. Set high and interesting goal.
The more interesting your goals, the more they can drive you into taking action. Think about it, is Rs.10,000 will motivate you more or Rs.10,00,000 will motivate you more.
4. Take at least 3 action steps toward your goals right after you set them.
This is what many people do not do. If you want to keep yourself driven and keep your momentum going, you have to take action steps every single day, even if it is just a small step.

There you go, I believe that now you are cleared with what goal setting is and how you can set your goals. If there is one thing that you can do to make you successful today, it is goal setting. So take the first step and write down what you want to achieve now.

If you've spent any time at all reading books on success and motivation or listening to audio programs about goal setting, you know that one of the keys to success is having clearly written goals. If this is the case, why do so many people go through life without identifying the most important goals on paper? Why do so few people take the time to clearly identify and write down their goals?
They don't think goals are that important
It seems that most people don't really believe, or have never been told, how important it is to set goals. This may be difficult to believe if you're the kind of person who spends lots of time reading about success and goal setting for your business or personal life. However, if you think about it, it's not so difficult to understand. You can grow up in a family that, despite many fine qualities and great values, never talks about goal setting. Likewise, you can hang around friends who never discuss the subject.

In this way, it's not difficult to see how a person can become an adult and go through life never understanding the value of setting and achieving goals.
They've never been taught how
The truth is that most people have never learned how to set goals properly. Many people actually believe that they have goals because they have dreams about the kind of life they want to have. However, unless they have gone through a systematic process to identify the most important goals, they probably only have some vague fantasies or dreams that have little chance of completion. For example, they might tell themselves that they want to make a fortune, but they've never taken the time to identify exactly what they mean by this.

Perhaps they don't really believe that they can achieve this, or perhaps they erroneously believe that if they simply tell themselves what they want enough times, their dreams will magically be fulfilled. While we certainly believe that there is a great deal of truth in the old saying that says you become what you think about, you ultimately have to put the effort into identifying and writing down your most important goals. You can then take specific steps to achieve them instead of simply keeping them in the back of your mind.
The fear of failure or rejection
Many people never set out to achieve their goals, or never set their goals to begin with, because they have a fear of failure or rejection. These two causes are related, of course. However, you can say that the fear of failure has to do with how you personally feel if you set a goal and failed to achieve it. The fear of rejection, however, is more about what other people will say if they found out that you were not able to achieve your goals. The fear of criticism or ridicule, in addition to the fear of failure in general, can be quite a big obstacle in the way of success.

Don't let these fears stop you. Take action today to begin setting and achieving your goals.
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