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So you have learn various tools and techniques so far for getting success in life .Here are some mantra for success. Follow it and you are sure to win because you are born to win.

11 Mantra for Success
1. Self Confidence:
People with self confident have unlimited energy to achieve the target, with out self confidence it is not possible to perform and get the desired results.
2. Pledge towards the goal:
Pledging towards the mission helps boosting the confidence and increases the efficiency.
3. Determination :
Determination brings support to the power received from pledge.
4. Continuity:
Only continuity can ensure the success in long term. Those who get diverted can not achieve it.
5. Planning Oriented:
This is a virtue to achieve the Goal. Careful planning and then following the plan brings ultimate success
6. Devotion:
Deviation helps concentrating on the Goal this energizes whole process of success.
7. Humbleness:
Being humble is virtue and such person gets support from not only friends & family but all spiritual forces work for him.
8. Patience :
Patience makes even impossible things possible .One can carry water into Chalni if one can see the water converting into ice.
9. Credit:
Passing on credit of success to the team members and taking onus of failure helps improving the work style and bring ultimate good results.
10. I/Myself:
Too much of it, is against the sprit of team work and creates the vibration of proud ness.
11. Trustworthy :
Only trustworthy people and their work can be successful.