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Fear of failure
Fear of failure is more pain full than fear itself. Though in most cases Fear is
  • F= False
  • E = Evidence
  • A = Appearing as
  • R = Real
Trial and error are usually the prime means of solving life’s problems. Yet many people are afraid to undertake the trial because they’re too afraid of experiencing the failure. They make the mistake of believing that all error is wrong and harmful, while most of it is both helpful and necessary. Error provides the feedback that points the way to success. Only error pushes people to put together a new and better trial, leading through yet more errors and trials until they can ultimately find a viable and creative solution.
A great quote by Thomas Edison about failure. There are several variations of this quote, but it’s just fantastic. The back story is that a reporter asked Thomas Edison about the thousands of experiments he went through to invent the carbon filament – something along the lines of “how does it feel to have failed two thousand times to create the electric filament?”
Thomas Edison replied:

I have not failed, not once. I’ve discovered ten thousand ways that don’t work.

Thomas Alva Edison (February 11, 1847 - Oct. 18, 1931) was an American inventor who, singly or jointly, held a world record 1,093 patents.

Fear Of Failure Signs And Symptoms:

Atychiphobia, as with all phobias, is an extreme, irrational fear. Phobias, generally, keep us from enjoying some aspects of life. The fear of failure is often one of the most paralyzing phobias. Sometimes, we're so concerned about failing that we don't try an activity we want to try. Other times our fear of failure is so strong we subconsciously undermine our own efforts so we don't have to continue to try. This is why many have linked it with the fear of success. Like so many other fears, this phobia is often so strong it brings about the very failure that was feared.

Fear Of Failure Causes:

Often, this phobia is linked with early life causes, like demeaning parents or siblings, or traumatic events where a major embarrassment was the result of some minor failure. Afterwards, the fear keeps building as the failures and embarrassment add up over childhood. It doesn't help that our culture seems to imply that perfection can be achieved in looks, relationships, careers, etc. Perfection is an illusion, but the person with atychiphobia won't try until perfection is assured.

Fear Of Failure Treatment:

Much of the treatment for fear of failure is through self-help and motivational techniques. Some therapy is available to retrain the way we think, but all of this can be done with self-help.

Fear Of Failure Self Help:

Based on experience with fear of failure, the best way to beat atychiphobia is to face the things you fear, gradually, accepting that failure is simply necessary for success. Break the fearful activities down into small, manageable pieces and do more and more of them until you're relatively comfortable...then move to the next larger fearful step. I was afraid of failure at sales, so I practiced, smiling, then greeting, then eye contact, then meeting people, then calling them, setting appointments, follow-up, etc. If your fear of failure involves test-taking (fairly common) take all the tests you can on things that don't matter to you until you're comfortable with the anxiety of the process. The key is to manage the fear so it doesn't paralyze you. I'm still nervous with people, but it doesn't stop me any more.