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Professional Life
What ever we do in life to earn our lively hood for which either we are trained in Universities, College or Schools or learned by experience and perform to achieve excellence as per personal capacities and capabilities may be called professional working and time spent for practice is professional life. This one can perform 1 to 16-17 hours every day .The time spent for personal activities e.g with family , friends, fitness etc. is called personal life. This may vary from 1to 5-6 hours or more.
First and foremost Success Mantra is that keep both separate, have time for both in your daily schedule as far as possible .Both are interrelated ,it is not possible that one can be good at the cost of other

Quality time spent in your professional life will help you achieving professional success this is not possible to have put your 100% in it with out support of your family, friends and good state of fitness. Similarly if professional life is strained it shall surely affect the personal life . Therefore though interrelated keep them separate as far as possible and have time for both.
10 commandment of professional life 5 Commandment of personal life