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Law of Attraction
Here are some steps you can take right away.
  1. Eliminate from your mind any beliefs in lack of money.
  2. Eliminate from your mind the belief that "it is hard to make money".
  3. Eliminate from your mind the belief that it is only possible to make money through a hard, painful, limiting job.
  4. Eliminate from your mind any belief in debt. This insidious belief will keep you in debt.
  5. Eliminate from your mind any belief in LOSS. This destructive belief will make you lose what little you may have.
  6. Eliminate from your mind limiting thoughts such as "It is too expensive", "I cannot afford it", "There is never enough", "I never have enough".
  7. Open your mind to receive money from any source and any direction, even in the most unexpected ways.
  8. Start to appreciate, love and even bless whatever amount of money you now have. Say to yourself "Money is good. Money is wonderful. I love money and money loves me". This will signal your mind and the universe to send you even more money.
  9. Eliminate from your mind any resentment, condemnation or criticism of rich people. These thoughts will keep money away from you.
  10. Appreciate all the wealth and riches surrounding you. Appreciate the riches and wealth of others. Use the HUNA technique and whenever you see something you desire for yourself bless it and also bless its owner.
  11. Always be thankful and grateful for whatever money you have. These attitudes will attract more money into your life and multiply it.
  12. Appreciate and even bless every dollar bill (of any denomination) or any coins you come in contact with.
  13. Love yourself and always put yourself first.
  14. Remember to always pay yourself first. Pay your creditors AFTER you have paid yourself. This behavior will send a clear signal to your subconscious mind and the entire universe that you always come first and that you deserve wealth.
  15. Believe you were born to win, you were born to be rich and that you deserve to be wealthy simply because you were born on this planet. That's reason enough for you to have wealth.
  16. Take some time during the day and imagine how you will use the wealth you have. In your imagination, buy that house, that car, those things you desire. Let go of the thought that "I cannot afford it".
  17. Instead of worrying about any money problems, do your best to WORRY about all the money coming your way and how in the world you are going to spend it to make you and others happy. Really WORRY about it.
  18. Do your best to start ACTING AS IF you are already rich, a millionaire. Constantly ask yourself "How/what would a millionaire think or speak in this situation?" Then, think and speak from that millionaire mindset.
  19. Constantly keep telling yourself over and over that "It is real easy for me to make money, as much money as I desire".
  20. Keep telling yourself over and over every single day that "I am a money magnet. I attract money like a magnet. I attract money quickly, easily, effortlessly and having fun. Money is now coming to me from every source and every direction in avalanches of abundance."
  21. The Subconscious responds very well to very exact amounts of money. Therefore, set a definite amount of money you want to attract into your life. Keep telling yourself over and over that you are attracting that amount quickly, easily, effortlessly and having FUN!

As you practice the steps mentioned above, your MONEY BLUEPRINT will change and you will start attracting more and more money into your life -- the EASY way.

Law of Attraction Think and Grow Rich