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A Money Magnet
Becoming a money magnet is probably the hardest thing for a lot of people to accomplish. Sometimes deliberate creators have the ability to attract wonderful relationships, new houses, better friends, new jobs and improve their overall health but they struggle and strive with creating more money!
Let me tell you right now that it is no harder for the universe to yield to you a car parking space than it is to yield a million dollars. If you have deliberately attracted anything before than I assure you that with the right practises you can not only become a money magnet but you can attract huge lump sums of cash.

Commonly once we’ve heard about the Law of Attraction we set our intentions on working towards something we want. When you want something - you are putting out the vibration of not having it. Because wanting is in itself is lack of having something. So if you want more money you must see yourself as already in possession of already having the money.

Simple. Right?

As simple as this process sounds, that really is all of what you have to do! You must get yourself into a place of feeling as if you’re already in possession of the desired amount of money. As soon as you’ve lined up, the universe will yield to you exactly what you’re putting out

Do you want to know what you’re currently putting out to the universe right now?

Open up your wallet. Check your bank balance. Look at the car you’re driving.

If it’s not what you want to see, then you have more work to do. The universe will yield to you endless opportunities to bring you the money, the “how” is not your work, what is your work is to get into alignment with your desire.

Have you ever heard of stories when multi-millionaires go bankrupt and lose their entire estate? Have you ever noticed how in most cases these individuals will bounce back and end up earning the same money if not more? Why is this? For long periods of time they have practiced having that money, they’ve got the wealth vibrations and are constantly putting them out. Even after they’ve lost their money, because they’ve practiced a certain way of thinking for so long, the money and opportunities find them once again.

If you practice the feelings of having the money you desire for long enough then the universe will continue to open doors leading to the money you desire. Your work is to feel as if you’ve already come in possession of the wealth!

Here are a couple of suggestions to help you stay in the right money consciousness.

Value the money you have
Every time you receive a paycheck, give thanks for the money that you have just received. Instead of brushing it off and thinking it as a measly amount of money, just be grateful that it is there at all.
The penny test
When you see a penny or nickel on the floor, stop to pick it up! Be thankful for even the smallest amounts of money that come into your experience. Also you can see this as a sign that money is starting to find its way into your experience. Remember, if you just ignore the penny then what vibration are you putting out to the universe?
One of… “I don’t want the money”.
As your subconscious begins to get the idea that money is important to, valuable to, and much appreciated by you, more will begin to show up. Stay aware of money coming in, and keep your mind in a receiving mode. Be sure to stop and appreciate each bit of money that comes your way. A very abundant future awaits you!
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